#inktober 27. THUNDER


I could only think in clichés today. Sometimes it’s like that. And they are so sticky! The more I tried to overturn them, the more they stuck to me like burrs. In the end I decided to go into the cliche of thunder being menacing but harmless, it’s his twin lightning that is never far behind him that does all the damage but thunder is full of noise and bluster. Once I accepted that I couldn’t get the cliché out of the poem and worked into it I had some fun with rhyme and keeping the lines rolling like the rumble of thunder until the sudden crack which inevitably follows.


Thunder, in your brontide drawl

I hear the same dump 

hunger that killed my sister thud 

thud in you blunder

all flashmob and glare

dropping that old number 

about sucker runners

following you five counts

ten counts behind always

playing you pushing til 

you holler and crawl how 

you’re only here to warn me 

you don’t want to hurt me

if I let you back in my life

how we could start over, begin 

living — CRACK!

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