This blog is a place for open musing and experimentation from poet and plantswoman Alice Willitts who graduated with Distinction from the Poetry MA at the very wonderful UEA in 2018. Much of what’s on this blog will be drafts for musings I’m musing on, so do please leave feedback. Four stomachs of cogitating is a lot less effort when friends feed me, thanks! Not much happens on the site during the spring into early summer when I’m outside planting gardens like the world depended on it. Autumn and winter though, lots of musings and seed catalogues and musings and poems and musings…

Alice’s pamphlet Dear, won the MAGMA pamphlet competition in 2018 and was published in early 2019. Her work has been shortlisted for the  2018 (with creative partner ) for their experiment in fractal poetics which you can follow @  and read the prize entry here should you wish to. She is very fond of plants and may be found sprinkling seeds on bare places in a city near you – you’re welcome!


I’m not really a joiner but there are a few things I can commit to

Dying for Life – always up for a conversation about death.

Extinction Rebellion – just ACT now and don’t stop, pester power is a persistent power. Ask any toddler.

Médecins Sans Frontiers  – emergency responses to long-term medical projects in the worst places to be ill or injured on Earth. They do what I can’t, save lives, build communities, save people whoever and wherever they are, every day, every year. Simply magnificent.

Ecosia – tree planting search engine for the guilt ridden.

yup, that’s it. Tea. I can commit to tea. And singing. Oh if there’s singing, I’m in.