#inktober 31. SLICE


Very late and very tired but a fond farewell to InkTober. Feeling pleased to have made it to the end of the month with so much play and resistance working off each other throughout. My last piece is a sampler from the full month, in Java script form, where a slice is a function to take a ‘slice’ out of a list. For all the non-coders out there what the poem says is that my favourite ‘slice’ is: “stunk and damp that my tongue sings in the dark mind water”


const inktober = [“jolting heart”, “pattern has”, “an hour”, “all flashmob and glare”, “I see my path”, “trust”, “mud is the world”, “disbelief in enamel”, “I think”, “stunk and dank”, “that my tongue sings”, “in the dark”, “mind water”, “All day I have nothing”, “I notice the angular”, “the thinning weight of it”, “pulls my gaze away”, “Laughing glass”, “veil the river”, “a cruelish sort of colour”, “and glacial”, “it must be mapped”, “Small creatures”, “E______”, “over Kevin”, “inside the coop”, “May all your madnesses grow”, “beauty”, “I sweat, drip pale ink”, “make ruffled islands”]

const favourites = inktober.slice(9,13)

//Thank you InkTober ♥️



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