#inktober 30. JOLT


Eek! I’m fixed on the fast-approaching end of October – only one more day of InkTober (sad face). I’m making a spell to staunch the month so that I can apply a bit of InkTober to the rest of the year. I’ve come to really love this daily word play. I’m thinking about ways to continue it in some form or maybe I’ll just look forward to next October for more InkTober Poetry. Ah, my tea has gone cold again, while I scratched at paper with my inky quill.



This is a recipe for a styptic powder:

Al-Zahrawi’s double needle stitch

Ashmole’s pierced side of a bull

Ortolf van Baierland’s black wine

his red powder his ground mumie

Hartnell’s mundane moment of everyday

an arrow whose shaft is still in place

to stem the flow of blood, Wound Man

to spare the jolting heart, Cupid

“Pound all that together

make a powder out of it

and keep it as needed.”


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