#inktober 25 PRICKLY


Really mark making – symbols, and thinking about the agreed symbols or marks we call language(s). They have rhythm and stresses and forces. We can be prickly about how language is used, uppity, snarky, dismissive of other people’s use of our symbols, our words, what we think they mean. This must come down to trust. If we agree on a word and what it means and how we can use it, then we can trust the comprehension and agreement of the others who use it the same way. This morning I was making a simple zine story, using carbon paper, another old-tech. I’d forgotten about carbon paper in the digital world I’m used to now where copying isn’t done by hand anymore. Rediscovering the joy of repetition through carbon copy – reproducing, but not exactly, the same image over and over on my zine, making little adjustments to features or demeanour with each iteration. So coming to Prickly I was already thinking repetition and what can occur when you take a word like trust back to marks or sound. TRuuuusst – weighing the word with its front loaded emphasis and long hissing tail and finding ways that my quill pen could make that sound. Play, play, play!







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