#inktober 20. BREAKABLE


I had such fun yesterday using the ink as eraser that when I saw today’s word Breakable the only place my mind could go was Break, Break, Break by Tennyson. So I went there. This looks more like a half erasure, using purple ink and letting the thicker and thinner areas reveal more or less of what is ‘erased’. It’s such a well known text that the word ‘break’ which is repeated so often didn’t need to be revealed. In my mind, as soon as you recognise the poem, it is instantly implied. What does it do to the erasure poem to conceal this refrain? How does it respond to the prompt? What is breakable about our words, our voice, our self? What would Tennyson have to say about what is breakable in October 2018? Would he still sound like him?

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