#inktober 19. SCORCHED

ooh the inky inkiness of these thick brush strokes of indian ink are so apt for an erasure poem on darkness. I love how the medium of ink led me to this black scorched interpretation of today’s word. I’m also enjoying the way each word or phrase seems to read into the deep space between themselves and also draws double meanings out of each little phrasing. Is it ‘poetry of night sweat, serious and sure’ or ‘in the dark poetry of night, sweat serious and sure’ or ‘in the dark, poetry of night, sweat, serious and sure’? They seem to draw into each other – is it an entity, ‘the watching dusk’ that scorches the eyelashes or is it ‘the act of watching dusk’ that causes the damage? And so on. Lots to think about.

Here’s a link to Elizabeth Rees’ poem Scorched Earth that inspired me to make this inky erasure image – https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/scorched-earth


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