#inktober 10. FLOWING


Writing in copperplate is harder than it looks! It seemed appropriate though for the content. There’s often play in poetry and this riff on flowing is all about play. Not a very successful poem but it highlights to me how much I play during the editing process. This semi-editing, which is more ‘think before you write’ only gets the poem part way there and I’m so used to the instant edit of typing, adjusting the raw material as I go to get a basic sense of something. Then going back in to cut, add, disrupt and fine-tune. Does that make digitals lazy? Maybe. No. It’s just a different pace.


If a floe is flowing at glacial speeds

it flows a glacial speed in floes.

A speeding floe flows glacially

and glacial speed is floe-flowing

~ going at a glacial pace is FAST



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